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Pickup time: May 2, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Pickup Address: Lynnhaven Bay, Virginia Beach, VA, USA

The Raw Bar*

We recommend taking in nature's perfection first by trying oysters naked. See our tasting tips to taste like a professional oyster somier.

Then explore today’s featured sauces and freshly made mignonettes. Combinations of these toppings can yield surprising results.


Raw Bar Toppings

Ponzu (Soy-Sake Base) is a mix of secret ingredients. Look for the Ponzu station where you can pair ponzu with freshly cut green onion, red pepper, chives and a few sprouts. (See Guincho Style). French Mignonette (See Detail) Apple-Ginger Mignonette Kiwi-Leek (experimental) Holiday-Pomegranate [seasonal]



Guincho Style

Inspired by a presentation on Guincho Beach outside of Lisbon Portugal, Guincho Style pairs fresh flavor and textures. Finely chopped red chili Chopped green onion (or chives) A few clover sprouts And finished with LOC's ponzu sauce


Image of Guincho Style


French Mignonette

Classic French Mignonettes combine vinegar, shallots, salt & pepper. Color is obtained by mixing various portions of white and red wine vinegars.


Image of French Mignonette


*Consumer Notice

Oysters on the half shell are raw and slightly steamed and/or roasted oysters are considered undercooked. Consuming raw or undercooked oysters may increase your risk of food borne illness. Elderly or immune compromised persons should be especially careful. Per VA Code: 12VACS-421-930


Out of the Fryer ...

*New* We have several dipping sauces to pair with the fried options this year:

- Lemon-Herb
- Yum Yum
- Pepper Mojo
- Ponzu Dip w/Furikake

This way to present fried oysters, with various dipping sauces is a completely new combination for us. Tell us what you think!


Fried Oysters

If you have ever had fresh-fried oysters, then you know what awaits.


Image of Fried Oysters


Oyster Hush Puppies

This briny, salty oyster hush puppy are delicious on their own, but we suggest trying them with any of our featured dipping sauces.


Image of Oyster Hush Puppies

And Into the Fire

Grilled and open flame options await.


Drago Style

This style of grilled oyster hails from the famous New Orleans restaurant in which the style gets its name. The recipe's ingredients, when combined with cooking over an open fire creates something truly unique.


Image of Drago Style


Oysters Blue

Another contribution to the LOC arsenal is "Oysters Blue" from chef Corey Vann. Sautéd garlic in butter and finished with crumbles of blue cheese. This is an LOC fan favorite that never disappoints.


Image of Oysters Blue


Oyster Chili

Tonight we will serve this oyster chili by the bowl. Plant based chorizo and butter are the base for this oyster chili and vegan delight. Lemon zest and fresh cilantro leaf garnish and finish this satisfying combination.


Image of Oyster Chili


Oysters in a blanket

Everyone knows "pigs in a blanket". Exchange oysters for pigs and bacon for bread and you get the idea. Try pairing these with any one of LOC's signature dipping sauces.


Image of Oysters in a blanket

Signature Beverages


Old Fashion

All the fixings are available to self-craft your own cocktail. The typical combination is sugar, bitters, your choice of bourbon or whiskey and a twist of citrus peel. Enjoy!


Image of Old Fashion


Ponzu Shooter

See us at the raw bar where we will pair a small raw oyster, 1 oz of ponzu and a few green onions - served from a shot glass or chirirenge spoon. While this is called a shooter - be sure to give the mix a few chews and let the flavors unfold.


Image of Ponzu Shooter

Welcome Members and Guests to the Oyster Festival!

Tonight we have some repeat favorites and a selection of new toppings for both raw and cooked oysters.

There are several self-serve stations for your enjoyment.

See the details below and ask if you have questions.


Premium locally sourced oysters to enjoy solo or in tandem with others.


Fresh Lynnhaven Oysters

The one and only Lynnhaven Legend. Add various quantity variations to order your desired total.


Image of Fresh Lynnhaven Oysters

Featured Accompaniments

Side sauces for your oysters


Classic French

A mix of white and rice vinegar, shallots, fresh ground pepper and a pinch of sugar and salt.


Image of Classic French


Apple-Ginger Mignonette

Apple-cider vinegar, shallots, minced ginger and finely chopped honeycrisp apples.


Image of Apple-Ginger Mignonette

Bulk Bakes

These are a select "bakes" that will thrill your family and guests. Imagine serving a classic Rockefeller ready to bake or a velvety vegan chorizo. One of our secrets is that we use a premium oyster and we let it take part in the flavor party by not over dressing it. You will likely year your guest say that "it is the best they've ever had."


The "Rock"

Sorry ladies - this is not Dwayne Johnson laid out on a baking sheet. But it will make your mouth water. This version of the New Orleans classic is available in bulk to shuck and bake your own, or on pre-dressed oysters in ready-to-bake catering ware.


Image of The "Rock"


Pick a wholesale oyster quantity and optionally add this month's featured menu items. Other items by special request.

Stop 1 - The Warm Up [5:30 - 6:30]

We will ease into the evening and warm up the taste buds with raw oysters and a new mignonette making its LOC debut.


Raw Bar*

The finest the river has to offer: The Lynnhaven Legend. Enjoy your oysters with the featured mignonette and beverage of choice.


Image of Raw Bar*


Cucumber-Mint Mignonette

This mignonette sauce from Fulton Fish Market was selected for tonight's tasting as it brings a clean, crisp and herbaceous flavor that will remind you of the approaching season.


Image of Cucumber-Mint Mignonette


Paired Beverage - Beale's Lemon Drop

A cocktail-inspired Berliner Weisee, fruited with Meyer lemon juice, pulp and zest. Dry and refreshing with a puckering finish.


Image of Paired Beverage - Beale's Lemon Drop


Tonight's Cocktail - Debra's Lemon-Cucumber-Mint Martini

A delicious concoction inspired by tonight's menu, Debra's Martini will be available at Stop 1 and 3.


Image of Tonight's Cocktail - Debra's Lemon-Cucumber-Mint Martini

Stop 2 - Hitting Your Stride [7:00 - 8:00]

At Stop 2, just a short stroll away, we will be getting into the heavier dish for the evening.


Oysters Béarnaise

Fried oysters with béarnaise sauce will accompany spinach & fontina cheese cappelletti pasta topped with marinara and asiago cheese, and sided with crusty bread dressed with garlic, truffle & black pepper compound butter.


Image of Oysters Béarnaise


Paired White - Chardonnay

Rombauer Carneros Chardonnay from Napa, CA is a rich wine with layers of tropical fruit, peaches and pears. The fruit opens up into creamy textures of apples and pears that glide across the palate. Hints of citrus and rich oak tones highlight the wine's lingering finish.