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LOC Renge Oyster Shooter

A classy shooter presentation that is suitable for formal events.


Oysters are presented in chirirenge spoons and toped with LOC's ponzu sauce and crisp green onion. For most of our shooter presentations, we use smaller oysters to best balance the ingredients and taste experience.

LOC Renge Oyster Shooter

  • LOC Ponzu, Homemade Ponzu, or Ponzu off the shelf

  • chopped green onion

  • small(ish) oysters


Ingredient proportioning is best obtained by eye. Use the photo as a guide and remember, in most cases less is more. Don't bury or overwhlem the oyster with too much.

  1. Have your presentation vessels ready (spoons as pictured for formal and/or catered events with servers, shot glasses, or go straight from the shell - whatever is appropriate for the situation).

  2. Either pre-sort or as you come across your small(ish) oysters, set aside until you have enough for a "round".

  3. Shuck oysters into the vessels and top with Ponzu and green onion.

Tip: If performing "rounds" ad hoc at the raw bar, involve your guests. With the toppings nearby, guests can help dress their oysters. When all are ready, cheers!

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