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Use the Contact Us form to ask any questions you do not see here. 

How does the environment affect LOC’s farm and oyster availability?

Environmental conditions, such as excessive rainfall, can temporarily close the Lynnhaven River (Area C1) to harvest. The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) monitors water quality and rainfall >1" in a 24-hour period can trigger temporary closures in certain bodies of water. These closures are to ensure food safety and preserve public health. These closures typically last 10 days at which time waters are re-opened to harvest. See the Current status of Lynnhaven River Conditional Area C1.

How do I become a Lynnhaven Oyster Club member? 

A limited number of memberships will be available annually. Additional memberships will be offered to coincide with increased farm production. LOC welcomes referrals for new club members but reserves the sole right to issue memberships. Please contact us with further questions and interests!

Once I am a member, how do I order oysters?

Members can get oysters by contacting Chris or Frank directly or by logging into the Members area. Non-Members can request oysters here. Remember, we are not harvesting daily so to ensure availability, please provide as much advance notice as possible. When we schedule harvests, we send out Fresh Harvest Notices so members can get in on the action. You can sign up for Fresh Harvest Notices here.

Can I buy oysters without a membership?

Yes! LOC is primarily focused on its members, but LOC does sell its oysters at market prices to non-members. Request Oysters here.

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