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The Lynnhaven Oyster Club (LOC) farm was started with 5,000 seed, some used gear and a paddle board. That was 2016. Paddle boards are still used today as floating work tables.


In 2020, Chris Schellhammer and Frank Slevin decided to create a small business to celebrate the Lynnhaven oyster  through exclusive member benefits, social events, hands-on experiences and sustainable aquaculture.


By practicing sustainable aquaculture, the Club leaves more than it harvests by creating new habitat for native oysters to thrive. Club memberships help this happen on a greater scale. Chris and Frank are Virginia Beach residents who run the farm in their free time after balancing family and day-job obligations.

As a farm to fork club, LOC is also available to provide and serve oysters for private events. Whether it be a small private gathering, larger party or a non-profit fundraiser, partnering with LOC is a shucking good time. 

Explore the rest of our site to learn more about what we have to offer, and get in touch with any questions about enjoying the salts of the earth with the Lynnhaven Oyster Club.


Frank Slevin



Chris Schellhammer


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