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Pick a wholesale oyster quantity and optionally add this month's featured menu items. Other items by special request.


Premium locally sourced oysters to enjoy solo or in tandem with others.

Fresh Lynnhaven Oysters image

Fresh Lynnhaven Oysters

The one and only Lynnhaven Legend. Add various quantity variations to order your desired total.

25 Oysters


50 Oysters


75 Oysters


100 Oysters



Featured Accompaniments

Side sauces for your oysters

Classic French image

Classic French

A mix of white and rice vinegar, shallots, fresh ground pepper and a pinch of sugar and salt.

Apple-Ginger Mignonette image

Apple-Ginger Mignonette

Apple-cider vinegar, shallots, minced ginger and finely chopped honeycrisp apples.


Bulk Bakes

These are a select "bakes" that will thrill your family and guests. Imagine serving a classic Rockefeller ready to bake or a velvety vegan chorizo. One of our secrets is that we use a premium oyster and we let it take part in the flavor party by not over dressing it. You will likely year your guest say that "it is the best they've ever had."

The "Rock" image

The "Rock"

Sorry ladies - this is not Dwayne Johnson laid out on a baking sheet. But it will make your mouth water. This version of the New Orleans classic is available in bulk to shuck and bake your own, or on pre-dressed oysters in ready-to-bake catering ware.

2 doz. dressing


2 doz. pre-dressed


Raw Seafood Warnig
Raw Seafood Warning

Oysters on the half shell are raw.

Slightly steamed and/or roasted oysters are considered undercooked.

Consuming raw or undercooked oysters may increase your risk of food borne illness.

Elderly or immune compromised persons should be especially careful.


Per VA Code: 12VACS-421-930

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