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Congratulations Holly!

For this evening's oyster menu we feature a raw bar with two homemade mignonettes, a variety of bottled sauces and two cooked dishes.

The Raw Bar*

Today's oysters were harvested this past Friday from Broad Bay and were put on ice the moment they left the water. Expect a slight brine and earthy flavor. These oysters benefit from growing right next to First Landing State Park where they imbibe the flavors of the coastal forest.

Both mignonettes featured today are new so tell us what you think!

Kiwi-Leek Mignonette image

Kiwi-Leek Mignonette

Champaign wine vinegar, diced kiwi fruit, graded ginger, finely diced leeks and green onion, parsely and red chili pepper for mild heat.

Lime-Serrano Mignonette image

Lime-Serrano Mignonette

Rice vinegar, lime juice, honey, diced red onion, serrano chilis, chives, cilantro, salt and pepper. This mignonette has a refreshing citrus start and mild heat finish.


Oysters off the grill*

Shucked open face and dressed with two options.

Saffron-Herb Butter image

Saffron-Herb Butter

Saffron-Herb Butter – this is the vegan version of the recipe that uses a plant based butter as its base. The butter is infused with saffron and mixed with finely diced shallots, a variety of herbs and a bit of cayenne pepper to give it a little kick.

Oysters Blue image

Oysters Blue

Another contribution to the LOC arsenal is "Oysters Blue" from chef Corey Vann. Sautéd garlic in butter and finished with crumbles of blue cheese.

This is an LOC fan favorite that never disappoints.

Raw Seafood Warnig

*Raw Seafood Warning

Oysters on the half shell are raw.

Slightly steamed and/or roasted oysters are considered undercooked.

Consuming raw or undercooked oysters may increase your risk of food borne illness.

Elderly or immune compromised persons should be especially careful.


Per VA Code: 12VACS-421-930

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