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Alien Sightings Increasing 

Updated: Jan 19

Cheasapeake Bay scallops are a native species, but only recently have they been observed on the farm.

Over the summer, little aliens were showing up periodically in our grow out bags. How did they get there? Could they have been stow-away’s from the very start, hitchhiking somehow from hatchery-areas to the Lynnhaven? Or is it possible that our own waters are providing these fascinating creatures a foothold to rebound? We hope it is the latter and can only speculate that the young scallops found their way into our grow out bags and grew up with their bi-valve cousins.

Scallops have extraordinary adaptive features to help them survive. They have dozens of tiny blue eyes that can detect light and movement, allowing them to be aware of their surroundings. This helps them use their other super power. Unlike many other shellfish, scallops have the ability to swim! They can rapidly open and close their shells, propelling themselves by water-jet to escape predators. Some species have the incredible ability to change their shell color or pattern to blend in with their surroundings, acting as a natural camouflage.

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