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Caring for Oysters … from farm to fork (Fouling)

Updated: Jan 20

LOC member and oyster gardener sent in this picture concerned about this strange and prolific growth on his oysters.

One of the biggest challenges in oyster aquaculture is not keeping up with the oysters; it is about keeping up with everything else. Infestations of every sort, even those that have no predatory or parasitic purpose, can wipe out a complete harvest in months.

And the spring is notorious for blooms of all sorts. Farm operations are constantly adjusting to respond to these challenges.

As the water warms in spring, the Periwinkle snail spawn can produce so many eggs that they can literally encase our mesh grow-out bags in a matter of days and restrict water flow. While Periwinkle snails are harmless to oysters, this condition could quickly turn the oyster’s protective enclosure into a coffin.

Once harvested, LOC continues to care for its oysters. We carefully pack oysters one-by-one cup side down, refrigerate or ice until eaten.

As a farm to fork club, LOC is also available to offer premium oyster-catering for member’s private events. Whether it be a small private gathering of friends and family, larger party or a non-profit fundraiser, contact us with your ideas and for our availability and pricing.

We are also sticklers for how we open and present our oysters. We might not be the fastest shuckers, but we take care to present the finest quality oyster to members.

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