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Giving Back

Updated: Jul 13

LOC carefully decides how to give back…


LOC gives back through the provision of free oysters and no-cost culinary services for events of partner organizations. We also ensure the donation will not impact our ability to meet member commitments. We also base the decision on how well the mission of partner organizations align with our own.

We team with partners to have greater impact. Visit our teaming section on our homepage for a complete list of partner organizations. LOC contributed a record amount this past year. Below are several examples.


Lynnhaven River Now (LRN) (

LRN is a clean-water advocacy group who’s initial goal in 2022 was to improve water quality to meet the rigorous standard for shellfish harvest by 2007. In 2002, only 1% of the river met that standard and watermen were unable to harvest oysters in the Lynnhaven.

By 2007, 29% of the river was open and commercial oyster farming had returned.

This early work and new programs continue to improve water quality today.

LOC donated oysters and services for LRN’s 2022 and 2023 volunteer appreciation events. 


Legends of the Fly (LoF) (

For the past 6 years, Legends of the Fly has promoted the sport of fly fishing locally by hosting a fly fishing film tour, holding a saltwater fly fishing tournament and hosting other educational and advocacy events. All money raised from these events is donated to both local, such as LRN above, and national charities.

LoF is the brainchild of John and Suzanne Fall (also LOC Members) who wanted to combine their passions and give back in a personal and meaningful way to the military families that serve our country.

LOC donated oysters and services for LoF’s 2023 tournament award reception.


Coastal Virginia Conservancy (CVC) (

CVC works hard each day to protect and preserve the land and water of the Elizabeth River and has protected lands in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk, and Portsmouth — forever.

The CVC is also very active in cleaning up coastal waters by removing pollutants and cleaning river bottoms. In 2021, Coastal Virginia Conservancy, then known as The Living River Trust, was awarded a “Giving Back” Award by Coastal Virginia Magazine in recognition of the Trust’s outstanding efforts in improving our communities and environment.

LOC donated oysters and services to their inaugural gala event. 


Chesapeake Oyster Alliance (COA) (

COA is a multi-year effort designed to spark governmental action, public attention, and funding to accelerate ongoing oyster restoration efforts in the Chesapeake Bay. COA is a part of the Cheasapeak Bay Foundation (CBF) who's mission and motto is to "Save the Bay".

Because oysters are such a proven and significant component to saving the bay, including its rivers and tributaries, COA was created to spearhead and focus on oyster restoration specifically.

Frank talks shop with Virginia's Governor Youngkin. Photo by COA staff

Proven marine restoration efforts worldwide owe their success to increasing the number of oysters in their target waters and COA's 10 Billion for the Bay is similarly focused. For this reason, COA supports and celebrates the aquaculture industry in its ability to reduce pressure on wild oyster populations while also serving the public's appetite for oysters.

LOC was one of six featured growers at a COA political action event at the state capital in Richmond where our elected officials and staff enjoyed oysters while learning about the oyster's importance to Virginia's environment and economy.

LOC donated time and services to the event. 



Being able to contribute in this way also builds a critical mass of synergistic support for important programs. These events also help us share the benefits and joys of oysters to others that we might not otherwise meet. Your membership in LOC makes all of this possible. Thank you!

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