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Member News – Summer 2022

Updated: Jan 20

Year 2 Launch:

Thanks to all returning and new members! Frank and Chris welcome you and appreciate your support. LOC kicked off Year 2 July 16 & returned to Murphy’s Irish Pub for another successful Pop-Up.

Torch-roasted caprese salad and ponzu shooters (pictured) were two of the evening’s highlights. Stay tuned to email for future Pop-up notices!

Summer Spawn:

The Summer Spawn is in full swing. From problem periwinkle, sea squirts & barnacles to desirables such as oysters, clams and mussels, the base of the Lynnhaven River food chain is erupting.

Frank loads the LOC barge with sun-seasoned oyster shell recycled from LOC events.

We take advantage of this time also and place shell on bottom for young oysters called “spat” to settle. The shell is the foundation on which spat attach, mature and create wild oyster reefs. Some growers leverage this technique for cultivation and deploy “spat catchers” to catch and corral young oysters for grow out.

The LOC Tagline:

The LOC tagline: “Enjoying the Salts of the Earth has a dual meaning: Salts=Oysters and Salts=Members. The modern day saying is derived from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, where he proclaims to all, “You are the salt of the earth”.

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