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Member Updates – Fall 23

Updated: Sep 27, 2023


Upcoming Events –

We know life is busy and has lots of priorities. Here are some dates to help you plan:

  1. October 7, 4 – 8 PM – LOC Members RSVP Here Pop-Up #2; Roadshow at Murphy’s Irish Pub @ 2914 Pacific Avenue Virginia Beach, VA 23451 (Event information)

  2. November 5 – LOC Unplugged – Pop-Up #3

  3. Dec. 9 – Annual Oyster Roast

Mark your calendars & look for RSVP notices in email two weeks in advance.

Premium Gift Selection –

Premium Gift Images

If you have not seen emails from us to help you select your premium gift, please check your junk and/or spam folder or click here to get ‘er done!.

Note that LOC does not keep vast inventories of these items and we will likely be re-ordering based on the membership’s collective choices. So please get your preferences to us soon!

Year 2 Recap –

As we start LOC’s 3rd year, it is good to look back over the past year and recap some notable accomplishments:

  1. Over 5,000 farm-raised oysters harvested and over 10,000 shells returned to the water for wild oyster restoration.

  2. 5 Pop-Up Events

  3. 1 Oyster Festival

  4. Membership is up ~60% in Year 3 (35) from Year 2 (22)

Pop-Up Recaps


Year 3 On-Water Kickoff

LOC Event

LOC celebrated the end of summer and the start of our 3rd year with an on-water event. Thanks to all who attended!

Members enjoyed a banner day, oysters on the half-shell and fresh off the grill, a surprisingly delicious vegan version of our chorizo-butter recipe topped with fresh cilantro and lime zest.

We did Brunch!

Members enjoyed a beautiful spring day, lots of oysters, two oyster themed dishes, and a banging bloody mary bar featuring Lendy’s local and celebrated mix.

Special guest speaker, Karen Forget addressed the group with success stories and new challenges for the Lynnhaven River watershed.

Guest chef Cory Vann’s famous seafood gumbo was a smash hit. With provided to-go containers, many guests were able to take several servings home to share with their families.

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