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Member Updates – Winter 21-22

Updated: Jan 20

LOC Oyster Fest 2021:

Thanks to all who came out to celebrate oysters! Old Man Winter was kind and the Dec. 4 event was a great success.

Live entertainment was provided by Kevin Brinson. He rocked it!

Winter Harvests:

Look for fresh harvest notices throughout the winter. Or you can order anytime. No fresh harvest notice needed! Just let us know by email, text or the contact page.

Remember! we need a few days lead time to schedule your order

Winter Operations:

Cold weather culling is a big part of winter operations. Seed purchased in the spring prior needs to be sorted and split.

We graduate the youngsters to larger mesh bags with fewer oysters to prevent overcrowding and give them space to grow out.


LOC Roadshow Pop-Up @ Murphy’s Pub

Thanks to all who braved the snow and made it out for a fantastic evening event at Murphy’s Irish Pub.

The event featured LOC’s own Lynnhaven Legends and Back Creek Beauties from Murphy’s owners, Tom & Ann Mooney. Tom & Ann’s oyster farm is in a secluded tidal estuary on the Eastern Shore.


We had a lot of fun geeking out tasting these two great oysters side by side and journaling about them. We also taste tested a seasonal pear mignonette that passed with flying colors and will take its place in the LOC recipe vault.

Each attending member received a Tasting Journal from 33 books (see right) and tasting tips from Julie Qui, author of the exceptional website and blog “in a half shell”.

If you did not get to attend the event, no worries! We have more Tasting Journals. We can make special arrangements, or include on your next order. We will also have journals available at future events. Just let us know!

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