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Member Updates – Winter 22-23

Updated: Jan 19

Upcoming Events!

– Check your email for dates & RSVP links –

LOC’s 2023 Spring Pop-Ups are in planning and we have some exciting themes to introduce for the new year.

This event is exactly how it sounds. We will start off at one location and enjoy oyster appetizers and a libation. The second course is found at a nearby location, and will feature a heavier oyster dish. We will finish the event in at our last location where the culinary finale’ will reward those who complete the “Crawl” with several other offerings. All stops are conveniently located.

Imagine a warm spring Saturday afternoon following a long work week where fun and food are well deserved. For this event, members will be catered around an open table with family style plates, where oysters collide with comfort breakfast food.


Economic Impact

With data collected via an industry survey (LOC participated), the Virginia Seafood Agricultural Research and Extension Center (AREC) of Virginia Tech recently released a report that documents the economic impact of Virginia’s seafood industry. You can watch a great video at this link:

You can access the full report, fact sheet, infographic, video, and press release with the Governor’s comments at this link:


The LOC on-water experiences connects members to their inner kid. Let us know if you’d like to ‘get muddy’ on the farm.

Working in morning fog with one of the area’s historic oyster shacks in the background.

Photo below captured during the Halo Hunt.

Water adhesion in action: meniscus forming around the oyster as the tide receded around it.

Cold water harvests has its perks. It does not get fresher than this.

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