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Oyster Latitude: Portugal

Updated: Jan 20


At nearly identical latitudes to our home, but across the Atlantic, Chris finds a very briny oyster – and culinary inspiration.


Seafood in Portugal is influenced by cold northern oceanic currents and renders a richness to food that the mindful chef is careful to showcase.

Admiring the outside of oysters (#1 inset) reveals clues to how they are grown. Served at Guincho Beach in Portugal these were likely grown in floating farms & routinely power washed. Beautiful!

Indeed, Portuguese oysters are unique and feature a high salt and sharp mineral finish punctuated by how clean they are inside and out. I always start with oysters unaltered to appreciate their raw essence. I then like play with flavor and texture.

This plate offered two garnishes (diced red chili & sprouts (top left). I was surprised by how well these paired (#2 inset).

A squeeze of lime also produced surprising results.

Introducing LOC to Guincho Style, a combination of fresh red chili, sprouts, green onion & citrus ponzu in portions that do not overwhelm, but compliment.

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