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Sweet & Salty … or is it Buttery & Briny?

Updated: Jan 20

Geeking out on Tasting Oysters

We admit – we are biased towards Lynnhaven Oysters but what we have learned over the years of growing, is that there is a tremendous taste variance between harvests.

The ultimate tool to geek out on tasting oysters: Oyster Tasting Tips & Journals from the creators of 33 Books and Julie Qui, blog author of “in the half shell” are here!

Merrior is the marine equivalent of the term Terrior which is used to describe a wine’s flavor-connection to the land. Similarly, the water in which oysters are grown gives oysters their unique physical and flavorful character and this varies based on changing environmental factors.

From the water temperature to the algae, plankton and other food particles oysters extract as filter feeders, all contribute to texture and taste. Through oyster tasting, one can connect to these nuances and better appreciate their local merrior.

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