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There is much to admire about oysters: from how they improve water quality to their critical role in supporting marine life. Oysters also take center stage as a reason to gather and make merry. They inspire unique culinary adventures with their satisfying flavor and versatility.

The Lynnhaven Oyster Club (LOC) was formed to share this experience with others. No other activity connects people to our local waters more than working with these Legends of the Lynnhaven and enjoying them around a table or fire with fellow enthusiasts.

We are a complete farm to table operation. Because of this and to ensure we provide the best possible experience for members, we limit the number annual memberships to ensure our farm production can satisfy member benefits. Feel free to contact us with inquiries, if you would like to be placed on our wait list. You can also follow us below for updates.

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We team with partners for greater impact

Chesapeake Oyster Alliance

Our Newest Alliance

COA is a multi-year effort designed to spark governmental action, public attention, and funding to accelerate ongoing oyster restoration efforts in the Chesapeake Bay.


Legends of the Fly

Supporting local & national charities

Through its tournaments and film tours, LOF raises awareness about fly fishing, increases participation in the sport, celebrates fly fishing culture, and makes a lasting and positive impact by raising funds for charities that have social and environmental value.


Lynnhaven River Now

Local Water Quality Hero

LRN works to restore and protect Virginia Beach’s waterways. When they started 20 years ago, only 1% of the Lynnhaven was open to oyster harvest. Now, nearly 50% is.


Coastal Virginia Conservancy

Conserving Land & Water for Life

Formally known as The Living River Trust, CVC was awarded a “Giving Back” Award by Coastal Virginia Magazine in recognition of outstanding efforts to improving our communities and environment.


Oyster Seed Holdings

Our Hatchery of Choice

A recognized leader in developing products and techniques to support oyster production. LOC procures its seed from Oyster Seed Holdings.


Pleasure House Oysters

Our Mentor

Chris Ludford of Pleasure House Oysters is a champion and widely respected spokesperson for the Lynnhaven River. Captain Chris' farm and wine tasting tours are fun, educational and highly acclaimed by guests.


Truly Top-Notch

We work hard to provide a quality product, service and experience to our members. Satisfaction is our baseline. Elation is our goal. 


We limit the number of memberships each year to ensure that each member lands between feeling very satisfied and elated.

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