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Harvest-Ready Wet-Storage

Updated: Jan 20

When the Lynnhaven watershed gets 1+ inch of rain in 24 hours, the VA Dept. of Health Division of Shellfish Sanitation (VDH DSS) closes certain areas because these rain events can trigger bacteria blooms which can increase risk of food-borne illnesses.

These closures are a problem when they coincide with member orders or LOC events. We thank Chris Ludford of Pleasure House Oysters who is allowing LOC space on his Broad Bay farm. This farm boarders the First Landing State Park is always open for harvest so we can “wet store” (see below). This provides harvest-ready oysters and offers yet another flavor profile for members to celebrate.

Frank culls & sorts to position “market-ready” oysters for member orders and events. Farm organization is key to making wet storage work. Wet storage is a specific technique used to store oysters “wet” so growers can always meet their harvest demands. Wet storage can be artificial but in our case, we will be placing harvest ready oysters in unconditionally open water right off the First Landing State Park beach in Broad Bay.

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