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Summertime at the Movies

Updated: Jul 10

Make time this summer to take in a show right here at LOC's Oyster Theater. Bookmark this page and come again!

Now Showing:

1) In the name of the Oyster

2) Inside an Oyster Hatchery

3) Abandoned

4) Against the Current

5) A Passion for Oysters

See features below...


1. In the name of the Oyster

...a beyond the frame film

The Mariner's Museum & Park in Newport News frames our rich cultural relationship with oysters through art and takes us on a journey from past to present. This 16 min. film features our own Lynnhaven River.


2. Inside an Oyster Hatchery

This brief 4-minute film produced by Oyster Seed Holdings tells the little known genesis story of our oyster superhero.

LOC recently switched hatcheries and is a proud customer of Oyster Seed Holdings. Learn why in our latest news post.



This 16-minute film produced by VDRF is a story of resilience, grit and determination. Learn about a local hero who's promise to their child has turned into a passion that is making a real difference.


4. Against the Current

This documentary offers a compelling look at how the residents of Virginia's Eastern Shore face the impacts of rising water on their lives and livelihoods. Despite the challenges, they demonstrate resilience and perseverance as they coexist day-to-day while pondering what the future holds.


5. A Passion for Oysters

Oysters once populated the Chesapeake Bay's bottoms in massive numbers, inspiring shooting wars, piracy, social and environmental conflict, and libraries of legislation. Produced by Chesapeake Bay Journal and by Dave Harp, Tom Horton and Sandy Cannon-Brown.


Thank you for spending time with us at the LOC Oyster Theater. We hope you enjoyed these films as much as we did. If you ever come across a worthwhile edition to the featured film lineup, please contact us.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

For as much as I know about oysters and our local waters, I have learned a lot through these films. And because YouTube is so good at tracking what you watch, they offer similar content suggestions. As a consequence, I have several more I could add to this post. So much so, this blog post could become the Lynnhaven Oyster Club Multiplex of oyster videos and films. How does the membership feel about growing this post with additional content? Let us know!

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